Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Moose Ghana

It’s not like I like being vitriol. Really, I don’t always enjoy it (although I usually do). I try; I really do try to find what I see on television agreeable. But some way some how things remain skewed.
I have come to the logical conclusion after several permutations and combinations, that 8 out of 10 young ladies in Ghana are shallow! There I’ve said it. If you take offense its probably because you fall under the 80% category. True. It’s not a fact that I gladly admit. Painful, I know. Who would have thought?
You might wonder what the genesis of this theory is. This time I tuned into the Miss Ghana Diaries on GTV. I believe it was the Miss Eloquence test and one after another, they displayed their ignorance. Very few held their heads up.
They asked someone what she would do if she became president for a day. She went on and on talking about youth empowerment and helping secure peace in African nations. Seriously, what can you achieve in one single 24-hour day? Many presidents if given an entire lifetime would still grapple with that. Let’s be real. If you asked me that, I’ll be honest and say: I’ll call my entire family over to the castle, host the biggest banquet ever, have it televised live and then decorate myself with the highest honours ever! Cos God knows I so deserve it.
I’m gonna go ahead and say this. Hate me all you want, but over time, Miss Ghana has lost the class it had when I first came to know of it. Ask anybody before my time and they’ll tell you that what it stood for 10years ago isn’t what it stands for today. We have girls who are looking for fame, popularity, money and hoping to build their wardrobes, and I quote “help build their confidence” with the pageant. Girrrl, you need to have yourself some confidence before you can step out on any platform. This isn’t a competition for losers who want to “de-lose-ify” themselves, puh-lease.
Like we don’t have enough losers already parading in victory skin. Wake up girls and smell the reality of life. We don’t live in a life of make-up kits and high-heeled knowledge. Neither do we need pencil-heel-brained-motorized Barbie dolls attempting to “lift the flag of Ghana high”. You can’t even carry Ghana’s weight on those heels anyway. And to hear them talk about women empowerment? When they are the same ones giving women a bad name. That just does me in. The best they can do is quote decades old hackneyed sayings. Why don’t you show us how empowered you are by making up your own, huh?
Half the time, I’m sure the judges (can’t remember their names) were just picking at their brains and having a laugh. I wished someone would make me judge of these shows. I’d show them…I’d just show them.

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