Sunday, July 20, 2008

Part 1. Driving through...

It's 7am in the morning. Mankind has managed to escape from the cozy hold of sleep and heads on to work. Running against time only to be gridlocked in between one car's bumper and the other's bonnet. Time whizzes past. The Traffic situation is horrible and isn't getting any better. Bad news for me; good news for the drive through vendors.
Sitting behind the wheel, drumming away at it, I sense the turning on of a light bulb in my head. It hits me suddenly that I don't have to do anything at home before I get to work. If you look at it closely the traffic vendors are positioned strategically just for your everyday need. Yes, they are usually a nuisance, especially when you try to change lanes. Still, think about it.
Shower down on the go; dress up on the go; breakfast on the go, nap on the go.
You can even read the newspaper headlines for yourself on the go while you wait for the radio stations to put their act together.
As a matter of fact, I have no longer have an excuse to be late. It's been there all along, only the dispersed pieces are now beginning to fit. Why waste all that time in traffic sitting there doing nothing? Everything I need for my morning routine is right here in traffic.
The Next Morning. 5.30am…
I head straight to the car when I wake up. I brush my teeth with the unconventional chewing stick, (though tried and proven by many as being more effective than the conventional toothbrush). The other option is usually available as well.
Hopefully the sun would have heated up one of the pressing irons that guy is holding, well enough for me to press my shirt. If not, I could always buy a brand new one from the next vendor. Decisions decisions.
My hair needs combing. Fear ye not! Plenty comb sellers abound. If I'm up for it, there's another guy just at the first traffic signal who sells China made shaving machines. I can have a quick shave while the light is still red.
Oh dear, my pants fell a little loose; I might want to hold it up with a nice CUCCI belt. Yes CUCCI (not GUCCI). Done deal.
My stomach churns. Ah ha! Breakfast. Either I call the koko seller on the sidewalk ahead of time so she'll have it ready for me to go or I might decide to prepare my own. That lady usually sells mugs on the median, I get one, the next guy I see has Nescafe Crème 3 in 1. I need to get me some of those as well. Now how do I get water hot enough to make this work. Ah, I bought some pure water yesterday but couldn't finish it. Right where I left it, under the seat, warm as it should. A lady selling tea bread just flew by me, I signal to her, make it quick. The bee-coded wannabe policeman just got off his phone. It's my lane's go now. Can't eat without my napkin. I opt for a box of tissue instead; the napkin lady didn't turn up today.
Now what's in the news today? Not Rawlings and Mills again?! My newspaper supplier knows what I want and shoves it right through my cracked window. Ring ring, a call from my mother. “Take down this number,” mum says. Scribble scribble, my pen won't write. Imagine my surprise when that wheel chair guy anticipating my plight and swings at me an array of ballpoint pens. What the heck. I get one. A three-minute conversation drains my battery juice. The low battery alert sounds. Not again, I forgot to charge it! Hmmm... Yes yes yes now where's the guy with the mobile phone accessories? Way behind me. All it takes is the honk of my horn and all vendor eyes look in my direction. I find whom I want and get what I want. A disposable car charger. I can’t do without my fruits after meals. My choice; apples, grapes or pawpaw. Maybe I'll have me a fruit salad!

To be continued…

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