Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Much A-Say About Nothing

Let me start today’s issue by saying thanks to everyone who reads this column. I realize, or perhaps I don’t realize how many loyal readers I have out there. So if you’re part of the famos freddy fan club, thank you. But I’ll like to hear more about how good I am, so please drop me an email. “Ego under construction. Lend a hand.”
This Wednesday, I’m not going to talk about anything in particular, like I ever do. Believe it or not, you do run out of things to criticize about sometimes, like now for instance. Or perhaps there’s so much to write about that it just the thought of it is overwhelming in itself. So just incase you read this piece and ask yourself what the heck is this freddy talking about? Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
It’s been a while since I heard anything about Mentor. Anyone, someone could you fill us in a little? What’s the status?
Stars of the Future is back on again and year after year it never ceases to amaze me how some people can leave their homes, dress up looking all sharp, come to the audition centers with all purpose and intent and end up disgracing themselves.
There are so many disillusioned young folks out there who believe that they are stars. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with being confident, loving yourself, being proud of yourself and all that good stuff, but seriously, no, I mean it, seriously, WAKE UP!!!
If you are out there and you have any family member praising you for your vocal prowess, be ye not too gullible. Get a recorder, put yourself on tape play it back and see if it sounds like what you hear on the radio…then again what you hear on radio might not be the best to compare yourself with, considering all the warts that manage to get studio time. But listen to notable records and see how well you place in comparison before you get broken hearted.
Based on this and a lot of research (i.e. television watching) I’ve decided on something and you guys are hearing it first from me. It’s not an entirely new idea, but in Ghana it is. If anyone does it, you’ll know where they got it from and I can sue them for using my idea.
Hear me out. Why don’t we start a pure talent hunt. I don’t mean singing or dancing alone. In fact, one of the prerequisites of the show would be must not sing. You can simulate singing if you want, but just don’t do it. From gymnasts, contortionists, mimes, drummers, bareback horse riders to anyone who can do outrageous things to entertain. I can already see “…proudly brought to you by MTN” written all over it. (Hint hint)
No seriously, not all talents are being unearthed. I’m sure there are people who need to reveal their talents and neither Mentor nor Stars of the Future holds the promise for which they desire. So allow me to be that pathway to your dreams. You can thank me later.
Yes I know, it’ll be a little difficult to find the winner, but who says we are looking for winners? We are merely giving them the chance to perform in front of an audience, knowing how used they’ve become to their bathroom mirrors.
Now the world has me and we can all live happily ever after. Thanks to famos freddy. I’m such a genius…sometimes.

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