Monday, October 20, 2008

a mental battle

i am confused in my mind
that is why i pretend to bring sanity to yours
my brain is full of bumps and turns
stop signs and u-turns with grade separated intersections leading to nowhere

visions perceived by the iris and signals sent to the medula oblongata
at frequencies beyond imagination
veins and vessels engineering themselves but only resulting in confusion upstairs
blurred conceptualization of hope buried deep in our hearts

wrong says he's right and right doesn't know where to belong
no has no say and yes is about to make up it's mind
wrong did no harm and right just walked on by
no doesn't make it right and neither does yes
and wrong has taken over,
now right is left ... left behind
upsetting the state of mind
soon we'll have to deal with collateral damage between the two
what's to be done?
what is to be?

thoughts racing past each other creating processes
faster than a pentium m could comprehend
a complete battalion of brain soldiers
recruited for the sole purpose of creating actions out of thoughts
eyes shut, concentration deeper, distraction minimal, forehead creases

a mental battle

reasons for being clashes with facts of reality
mental faculties struggling with torrents of thoughts rushing in
undigested information churning through the matters of grey
subliminal thoughts lining my consciousness and affecting judgment
previews of the future's aspirations and
reviews of past blunders and errors with occasional bursts of success sparsely distributed

i've lost my sense of direction, lost function of all my sensory organs as
choices beget even more choices
decisions precipitate consequences
blind visions from my mind's eye
quiet sounds of long speeches in my head
words, sentences, phrases, paragraphs and chapters
are written as i soliloquize
emotions draw on my face as my thoughts reach a crescendo...

and this is before breakfast!!!

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