Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Deep Blue Unknown

The wave rocks, rolls and runs to & fro in a splash against the shore
The kids run forth and back to each other
Passing among them a ball that seems
To heed to the direction of the sea's breeze
Rather than where they kick it
The wind rushes in my direction and carries
Along with it scenes and stories
From a great many miles away
The salty breeze slaps my face,
I close my eyes and breathe in deep
Memories of reality, sounds and sights of the real life gradually begin to face
The extent of the sea beckons me
The boat drifting away in the distant calls out
Let's go on a ride into the unknown
Trust me with your life and I'll guide you home
The palm trees swing and sway, dancing to the rhythm of the waves
As they splash of the rocks
Eyes wide shut, senses alert, breath getting heavier,
I stretch forth my hand and heed to the call
I let go of myself, step outside myself
I become light as a spirit
Take my first guided step into the deep blue sea, unknown to me
Yes, I feel this is the only way I can fully define myself
As light as a dove, fleetingly as a feather, the journey begins

The frigid grip of the water clenches my ankles
I thought I would shiver,
Instead the warm tingle of excitement
Lingers through my system and the cold is no match for it
Deeper and deeper into it I step
First at the knee, soon to my wrist & still climbing
Didn't think it'll be this quick
Where's the voice that called out to me?
I try to listen, but it's gone
My heart pounds quicker and louder
Deafening the sound of the sea
Soon enough, my whole self is marinating, submerged,
Plunged into the deep blue unknown
It's just you, just you, I whisper to myself
I struggle to keep my head above the water's the rush past,
Then I give up the struggle
I hold my breath and let go
Down, down, down I go
Till it's just the sea bed I see

But then something almost magical happens
It seems easier not to hold my breath than to do so
Breathe girl, breathe. Scary, but I do it anyway
I blink twice, then a bubble comes up
Impossible!!! Breathing clear and easy under water
Now the voice is back, come this way it says. I follow
The most enchanting sight ever imagined
An entirely new place, but I feel at home
I was in a near death state, but I feel more alive than ever
Doing and being what is humanly impossible, yet loving each breathless moment
The water is my guide, the sea bed my safe spot
The deep blue unknown: just what I needed to overcome to see the beauty of me
Its calm, its soothe, and its deafening quietness, its buoyancy...

A splash of water over my face
Eyes open and I'm back ashore, back to where I was,
Armed still stretched out...
A dream, or...was it?

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